~ Pre-Purchase Evaluations ~

     The internet allows the doublegun enthusiast access to a staggering array of purchasing opportunities.  However, buying a gun sight unseen is not without risk to the buyer - a risk which can be minimized through a pre-purchase evaluation.  Given the size of the investment in a fine double, the cost of a professional, unbiased evaluation can be thought of as inexpensive insurance.

    Most sellers allow at least a three day inspection period.  During this time, and regardless of your state of residence, I am capable of undertaking your pre-purchase evaluation.  This inspection will consist, at a minimum, of the following:

            Assess:    barrels on face


                            rib solder integrity

                            ejector function/timing

                            finish (barrels/frame/wood)

                            lockwork condition

                            firing pin hole condition

                            screw slot condition

                            single trigger (if applicable)

                            stock inletting/structure

            Measure: barrel wall thickness

                            bore diameters

                            choke constriction

                            chamber length

                            stock dimensions (drop, pull, cast, pitch)

                            trigger pulls

                            firing pin protrusion

    A written copy of the evaluation will be furnished to the purchaser.  In the event of a return, a written copy will be provided to both parties. 

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