~ Our Services ~

    We are capable of handling all phases of both mechanical and cosmetic restoration including, but not limited to:

        Nitre Bluing

        Charcoal Bluing

        Quality Slow Rust Bluing

        Bone Charcoal Color Case Hardening

        Engraving Recut

        Single Triggers Repaired

        Mechanical Repairs

        Springs Made

        Parts Made

        Barrel Sleeving

        Chokes Regulated


        Stock Repairs & Refinishing

        All Styles of Leather Covered Recoil Pads

        Any Type of Custom Work

    Also available are Pre-Purchase Evaluations, which we highly recommend to ensure that your buying experiences are as satisfactory as possible.

    Please note that we will not accept pre-polished parts for bluing or color case hardening.  The reason for this is our lack of control over the preparation, and therefore outcome, of the finished product.  

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Our Services
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